Reshanda Gray

"My name is Reshanda Gray and I play basketball for Washington Prep High School. I have been one of Dr.Brumfield’s athletes that he worked with for a couple of months. In the short amount of time I have been working with him, he has done some wonderful things that help me to accomplish my goals and get through my season healthy for the first time. His strengthening and conditioning workouts have helped me become a better basketball player. Not only am I taller than everyone,
I am much faster and stronger due to the workouts Dr.Brumfield has given me.

"I highly recommend Dr.Brumfield. He is one of the best sports chiropractor I have ever worked with. I thank him for preparing me for the next level of basketball."

- Reshanda Gray



Chris Bernardi

"I came in with a lot of pain in my lower back, but once I saw Dr. Brumfield, it only took one adjustment for it to be back to normal. I play on the men’s soccer team at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

"Dr. Brumfield not only took care of my back, but made my knees a lot stronger and more stable so I can perfect my cutting and quickness. He also got me orthotics and gave me exercises to strengthen my ankles. Going through physical training and rehab with Dr. Brumfield has been nothing but success. I’m so glad I came in because now I’m better fundamentally and I’m stronger. Thanks a lot."

- Chris Bernardi




"I have had five treatments by Dr. Brumfield so far. I truly appreciated the thorough exam I received upon my initial visit. I was extremely impressed that before any treatments were administered he spent time reviewing and studying his initial findings and then devised a treatment plan with a review date to reassess my progress and see if we are meeting our treatment goals.

"He took the time to explain to me in detail what we were going to be doing and took the time to thoroughly answer any questions that I had.

"I have developed a lot of trust in Dr. Brumfield’s abilities. I have already seen some improvement with my damaged knee and look forward to continuing with my treatment plan. I feel he is a very caring, ethical and competent doctor and would recommend his services to anyone who is dealing with a difficult health condition such as I am as well as any one who is just looking to protect and improve their overall long term health."

- Marc L.


"I've been under Dr. Aaron Brumfield care for two years and it's been great. I started out terrified about being adjusted. It took him three months to adjust my neck and back (due to fear)

" I was diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I received deep tissue massage therapy for my arms, shoulders and back. I am 80% better since I've been seeing him. He is a great doctor who is patient with his patients. I never knew how important chiropractic care is to my overall health. I am grateful."

- Chevonne J.


"For years, I have struggled with achieving my desired physique because of misinformation. After my consultation with Dr. Brumfield, I instantly learned the appropriate dietary supplements and exercise routines needed for optimum results.

For the first time, I can actually see a metamorphosis. I am ever grateful to Dr. Brumfield for his patience and expertise."

- Tyreese B.


"As a truck driver who is constantly on the road, I find myself in constant back pain. Dr. Brumfield assessed my problem and provided me with care and a personalized treatment that put me back on the road in no time."

- Simeon G.


"After a really bad motorcycle accident I was left pretty much for dead. Thanks to Dr. Brumfield I am back up and running. Thanks again for keeping me straight!!!"

- Reggie J.



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